About Us

Parry Labs is a mission-driven defense technology company pushing engineering forward to deliver leading computing and networking solutions for rapid deployment to our defense community. With a steadfast commitment to partnering with the end-user, we’re continuously evolving the way warfighters communicate and share critical information.


Parry Labs, founded in 2016, is headquartered in Alexandria, VA, with offices located in Huntsville, AL, Dallas, TX, and Columbia, MD. 

Our company is focused on providing agile as well as innovative hardware and software solutions in addition to systems across air, land, sea, and cyber domains to defense and commercial customers. In order to provide these products and services, Parry Labs invested in an interdisciplinary engineering team of Tactical-to-National ISR experts, Aviation Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Combat Veterans, and the nation’s leading engineering minds to provide open architecture products and services capable of any mission. We provide high-quality capabilities to our Warfighters through our innovative design and architecture. Our intimate hands-on approach ensures the team maximizes their operational experience, engineering expertise, mission understanding, and program management that drives to solutions with speed and agility.


It was a pleasure working with Parry Labs! The proactive energy/work ethic of Parry’s team is contagious and highly welcomed. Our expectations of Parry Labs, as part of MQ-9’s Stellar Relay Open Mission System Risk Reduction Study, were met in cost, schedule, and performance.

This successful partnership has secured us invaluable information/data as we proceed with our next Phase of Stellar Relay integration onto the MQ-9 platform, which we believe, will revolutionize the MQ-9 with an open computing environment and weapon agility needed to keep the MQ-9 relevant in today’s fight.

U.S. Air Force
MQ-9 Medium Altitude UAS Division, 2021

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