Software Solutions

The Right Solutions For Your Unique Mission Requirements

Stellar Relay™ Software

Software integration is a complex task. Doing it in large systems such as aircraft, vehicles, or networked systems is even more complex. Stellar Relay dramatically simplifies this bringing agility, flexibility, and cost efficiencies to major programs and platforms. By streamlining data flows services, networking, and traceability complex platforms can be dynamically upgraded via continuous development / continuous delivery (CI/CD) methods. Beyond a core framework Stellar Relay has been integrated with 100s of various systems, networks, and platforms bringing out of the box end user capabilities from day one.

Stellar Relay™ Edge Manager

Stellar Relay Edge Manager is the heart of every Stellar Relay bringing all data into one place and standardizing all the interfaces (MOSA, FACE, OMS) for effective, predictable, fast, and secure information sharing on platform and across the ecosystem.

Mission Software Integrations

Stellar Relay brings a variety of prebuilt integrations with a diverse set of radios, networks, autonomy applicants, and data fusion capabilities, exposing a large API for continued rapid integration and tailoring for whatever mission system and CONOP is needed.

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