Grey Fighter Drone

Who We Are

At Parry Labs, we’re redefining the edge where new capability meets mission-proven certainty.  

We deliver digital combat power with open software architecture, small-form factor hardware and engineering to keep pace with the speed of modern warfare and enable a decisive combat advantage for the defense community. We make the networked connectivity of every asset, from warfighters to weapon systems, the dominant force in a digital battlespace, all in a day’s work. 

Success by the Numbers

With Parry, deploy a framework for whatever comes next, built on our unique combination of software and hardware. Designed with a legacy of defense engineering to amplify information sharing and decision confidence, we make the network itself the leading weapon with the required security and safety. 


Capability integrations across all domains

Platforms including nine Programs of Record

The Leading Edge of Capability

We embrace rapid changes in technology to respond to global events at the speed of need, no matter where you operate in the world.

Our software, hardware and engineering allow for connected and autonomous operations at the edge of every domain, bringing mission-defining capability without mission-jeopardizing risk.