The current model of procuring, integrating and deploying capabilities fails to meet the demands of a digital-age battlespace. The government needs a better, more responsive and less expensive way to operate in today’s contested environments against ever-evolving threats.  

Rapid software updates drive the modern battlespace enabling real-time communication, coordination, and information sharing among different military domains and platforms. It facilitates the integration of advanced technologies, such as drones, surveillance systems, and data analytics, enhancing situational awareness, decision-making capabilities, and operational effectiveness on the battlefield. 

Inserting Parry Labs hardware and software solutions into your platform allows best-of-breed capability between platform provider, mission application vendors, and multi-domain networking to drastically reduce deployment timelines to months, not years, and accelerate new platforms and modernize legacy systems for the future.  

With Parry, change the battlespace at digital speed.  

Optimisation of business and industrial process workflow and automation. Development of sofware for automatization managment. Gears on virtual screen.

Scalable Control Interface

Parry’s Scalable Control Interface (SCI) architecture is a fully open software solution that is deployable to multiple hardware options that allows users to operate multiple platforms, sensors, laser designators, and weapons from a single screen. SCI’s common user interface and scalable levels of control make platform capabilities simpler and safer to use than proprietary or customized interfaces for each platform. The intuitive solution does not require implementing native platform control languages making integration of new platforms standardized, quicker, and less costly.  Key SCI capabilities include command and control of the platforms, common network architecture, workload reduction, autonomy, and integration within the common operating environment. 

SCI plays a crucial role in the Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) battlespace, providing a common interface for accessing and employing platforms and payloads, and supporting missions such as Anti-Access/Area Denial, Integrated Air Defense Systems penetration, and threat engagement through coordinated unmanned platforms and advanced teaming concepts. 

A3I Conops

Command and Control

Parry’s multi-platform command and control capability is a cloud-native microservices framework scalable across different hardware devices including tablets, laptops, and ruggedized workstations with a technology stack that seamlessly runs on a variety of operating systems across diverse networks.


  • The lightweight expeditionary form-factor reduces coordination and transportation requirements
  • Provides operational flexibility and reduces logistics footprint
  • Enables rapid response capability and dynamically employ platforms in a multi-domain operations environment
  • Expands operational capability of platforms and interoperates with other platforms and systems for a strategic advantage