Ruggedized Hardware

Ultra-compact systems that set a new standard for high-performance solutions.  Experience unparalleled compute power and high-density input/output for application hosting of autonomy, intelligent networking, artificial intelligence/machine learning, navigation capabilities and more. 

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Edge Compute (EC) Hyper

EC Hyper is an integrated ground and airborne hardware platform created to support converged data processing and
communications across a wide range of systems. The EC Hyper brings server class hardware to the edge with unparalleled Input/Out (I/O) density, to provide connectivity and management of multiple onboard systems simultaneously.


Edge Compute (EC) Micro

EC Micro continues to deliver on the market leading value Stellar Relay provides by delivering the same systems and software architecture to include GPU support in a single system with a much smaller SWaP. Suitable for ground, or airborne platforms such as FTUAS, or as a small form factor system to augment EC Hyper deployments, EC Micro is up to the task of delivering the same core systems architecture across a wide range of solutions.

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Edge Compute (EC) Autonomy

EC Autonomy is the first fully qualified small form factor dual GPU system on the market. The EC Autonomy delivers unprecedented Nvidia GPU support in a small form factor solution with dual Volta GPUs and ARM CPUs, providing support for GPU enabled solutions and clustered processing at the edge. EC Autonomy enables current and next generation platforms access to next generation capabilities supporting a wide range of modernization efforts, pushing A.I. and M.L. across the battlespace.

EC Max 1.66

Edge Compute (EC) Multiplex (Mx)

A low SWaP platform designed for smart networks required for integrated, on-the-move, and remote leave behind applications. Mx was conceived to directly tie into user DevSecOps environments for 3rd party hosting of applications, algorithms and analytics, with the ability to utilize public or private 4G/5G and more.

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Edge Compute (EC) Squad

Edge Compute Squad is a SWaP optimized hardware solution providing high performance heterogenous compute and a wide array of wired and wireless I/O paths targeted at ground-based (dismounted) applications for a tactical cloud environment and network connectivity enabling multi-domain operations. EC Squad  supports advanced war-fighting concepts such as non-traditional long-range precision fires tied to ephemeral and non-kinetic data.