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Scalable Unmanned Control Interfaces from Operations Centers to Expeditionary Systems


Expeditionary GCS Systems

The Global Expeditionary Miniature Mission Interface (GEMMI) is an innovative new approach to an Unmanned Aerial System Ground Control Station (UASGCS). The GEMMI system drastically reduces the logistical footprint and set up time of a standard UASGCS and maintains the same training and capabilities, while expanding the operational deployment strategies newer tools and capabilities.

The GEMMI system implements several innovations to reduce the hardware footprint and allows legacy software to  run on modern and secure Operating Systems. The approach leverages virtualizing legacy hardware, containerizes software applications, and implements a Software Defined Network Suite to include VOIP and ROIP capabilities. The cutting edge innovation of containerization provides the largest leap in capability over the standard UASGCS.

Through this software approach, GEMMI can fly multi-aircraft, different types of aircraft or any software baseline of an aircraft. This approach allows for quicker deployment of new baseline software without modifying the host Operating System software profile.

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