Parry Labs has fully embraced the Future Airborne Capability Environment Approach (FACE) Technical Standard and is actively involved in multiple initiatives that leverage FACE as the primary mechanism to achieve customer business and technical goals. The main objectives include developing modular, portable code that is easily extensible, promoting rapid integration, facilitating reuse across various platforms, and ultimately reducing costs and schedules.


Parry Labs brings together airworthiness, cyber, and open architecture through our digital integration environment. We use StratFac, our digital engineering environment, to integrate end-to-end traceability starting with our Modular Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Single Source of Truth (SSoT) to generate the software operating environment, digital twin of our hardware, portable FACE units of conformance (UoC), and safety, cyber, and contractual deliverables resulting in USG requirements tied directly to the individual products we produce. The Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) we are most proud of to date is the Parry Labs’ Stratia computing environment.  Stratia establishes a cyber-hardened partitioned MOSA framework tailored for each DoD service’s enterprise and reference architectures, to include standards such as FACE and OMS.


In collaboration with PM UAS, Parry Labs is spearheading the development and integration of the next-generation ground control station on a FACE platform utilizing the USG-owned Scalable Control Interface (SCI) Reference Architecture (RA), collaborating with other vendors to contribute their best-of-breed services. Furthermore, Parry Labs is utilizing the SCI RA in the PdM EUAS Ground Modernization Software Suite project to develop FACE Units of Portability (UoPs) for command and control of the MQ-1C platform. In the FTUAS effort, in partnership with Griffon Aerospace, Parry Labs is providing capabilities for the Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) small UAS platform, Valiant, leveraging the FACE-based SCI as the common reference architecture. Moreover, in the efforts with Army G2 and Ground Vehicle Systems Center (GVSC), Parry Labs collaborates with other vendors to deliver capabilities for the ground vehicle platform, again leveraging the SCI RA and extending it to uncrewed ground vehicles Parry Labs is actively promoting the reuse of UoPs between these Fave-based SCI efforts in close collaboration with all customers to accelerate timelines and achieve cost savings.