The threat driven imperative to outpace adversaries is driving historic new capability demands across the Department of Defense. In some cases, the technology is readily available, but in many others there is a challenge to deliver at the speed and affordability required. A new paradigm shift is required to address the emerging and evolving threats. In order for the DoD to bring together all the technologies it wants to bear, a framework of digital engineering and digital infrastructure across programs is needed to advance and protect the warfighter. Every platform, every system, will need to be integrated into end-to-end digital environments with modular, addressable and open communications across domains to increase lethality. Having this framework ultimately reduces the cost, and therefore time, of programs to modify or add new tactics, techniques and procedures, capabilities, moving from months and years to hours and weeks.

Making DoD platforms universally digital, bringing them into a place where they can be rapidly integrated with new and existing software, interoperable, and extensible are foundational to adapt to the range and speed capability is required to accomplish multi-domain operations, network kill chains, combat effects, and beyond.

Parry Labs’ is leading the advancement of a new design and delivery approach empowered by a common digital engineering framework and infrastructure across programs. The company’s solutions are focused on starting with the building blocks of modular open system approaches across hardware, software, and digital engineering to modernize legacy platforms and accelerate new platforms by laying down an open digital foundation to increase the speed of delivery. Architecting systems and subsystems on a platform to be addressable and accessible across networks makes it easy to understand and modify for the government and capability providers.

Parry’s approach to MOSA provides a tailored digital environments with the mission critical and safety critical software infrastructure that can be deployed on our hardware, or any third-party. Our knowledge of platforms and full engineering lifecycle allows us to better anticipate and shape requirements and provide integration services. Our collaborative objective with our customers is to help find that optimization between those who build the platform and delivering capability for the Warfighter, safely and quickly.